-Develop new applications and enhance existing applications
-Perform software alpha testing
-Responsible for documenting applications

-Candidate must possess a Bachelor’s/College Degree in Computer Science, Information Technology, Computer Engineer or equivalent
-Experience in application development using ReactJS, PHP and NodeJS
-Experience in application development using MySQL
-Knowledge in creating flowchart and pseudocode
-Experience in using graphQL and elastic search is a plus
-Preferably with one (1) year work experience in a related field
-Has developed a complex application using a programming language that a company requires
-Experience in handling large databases
-Innovative and team player
-Can relate to different levels of an organization
Internal customer service skills

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-Research on current trends and tools in data analytics and mining that can give value-added features to existing solutions
-Create new and update current geospatial and non-geospatial database that may be useful for different projects and research
-Assist in the continuous development of WTI’s product which includes conceptualization, feature design and process prototyping
-Lead the team in brainstorming new ideas, proposing models and collaborating with other teams for the enhancement of existing solutions
-Provide support on internal client’s concern regarding data analysis and geographic information systems
-Perform other duties that may be assigned by the Special Projects Head

-Graduate of Statistics,Physics, Mathematics or any related course
-Preferably with experience in any related field
-Knows how to program dominantly using python or javascript is an advantage but not required
-Team player and Innovative
-Analytical Skills
-Strong communication skills
-Attention to details; thoroughness
-Ability to relate well to others in a professional and courteous manner
-Ability to continuously learn new technologies and courses

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-Responsible for the planning, execution and closing of the project, ensuring that the stated project objectives are accomplished, and project value is realized by the stakeholders.
-Establish a project plan based on clear project objectives and requirements as agreed with stakeholders.
-Manage project scope, budget, resources, schedule, monitoring and reporting.
-Manage project team, providing task and technical leadership, and hold the team accountable by ensuring results are delivered as planned.
-Provide periodic reports on project progress and other project-specific information to stakeholders.
-Build credibility and establish a collaborative rapport with key stakeholders within and outside the organization.
-Facilitate change management to enable a shift to a value-based project management.
-Perform other duties that may be assigned by the Assistant Manager for Project Management Group.

-Bachelor's degree in Business, Information Technology, Industrial Engineering, or any related course.
-Preferably with experience in project management, customer support, account management, or business analysis experience.
-Preferably with experience in the IT, logistics, or supply chain industry
-Strong process, value, and a results orientation.
-Strategic thinker who can provide creative solutions for complex issues.
-Excellent time management skills, with the ability to manage multiple projects simultaneously.
-Amenable to travel, as needed.

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-Assist on the product design for clients based on Market inputs.
Research on new technology that can improve the current system.
-Assist in the continuous development of WTI' s product, these include product conceptualization features and design of system architecture.
-Work with the development team to determine how products and services could be designed or modified to suit customers' needs.
-Receive the second level support on answering and escalating internal & external client's concerns.
-Conduct corporate presentations.

-Candidates must possess a Bachelor’s/College Degree in Industrial Engineering, -Computer Science, Information Technology or any related course.
-Preferably with experience in systems design and analysis
-Preferably with exposure or experience in the logistics industry/supply chain.
-Preferably with a background in optimization and/or machine learning.
-Knowledge in Programming logic, Software and Hardware testing, GUI design, and other programming languages.
-Can relate to different levels in the organization and with internal customer service skills

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-Install company products to clients
-Service company product installed on clients when needed
-Ensure that documents related to installation and services are properly filled up and submitted
-Perform other duties that may be assigned by the Technical Team Leader

-Candidate must possess a Bachelor’s/College Degree in Electronic and Communication Engineering, Information Technology, or any related course
-Knowledge in automotive and electrical system
-Knows how to troubleshoot electrical and electronic equipment
-Repair of electrical and electronic equipment
-Computer literate
-Attentive to detail
-Internal customer service skills
-Ability to work beyond regular hours (weekends & holidays)
-Willing to travel and do fieldwork
-Can work with minimal supervision

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